Nominations for News24's 100 young Mandelas of the future are open! Enter today!

It's that time of the year again, News24 is looking for 100 young Mandelas of the future.

News24 is looking to honour 100 young South Africans who embody the true spirit of Nelson Mandela and who are passionate about making a difference in our country.

We are counting on our readers to help us find South Africans from all walks of life, aged 35 and younger, who will form part of our 2019 cohort, following the success of the list last year, during what would have been the icon's 100th birthday.  

The categories in which we are looking for nominees are:  


  • Any person who influences change in society with their leadership skills through writing, speaking or organising. This includes political leaders, activists and social commentators.


  • Any person who felt compelled to make a change in society, with the resources that they had at their disposal. This includes community-based projects, social initiatives or movements which are central to social change. 


  • Any person who uses art, culture or heritage to create awareness and deliver social commentary – giving a platform to marginalised voices. This includes writers, artists, directors, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers and performers.


  • Any person who possesses a vision for a better tomorrow, and has taken steps towards fulfilling it. This includes researchers, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors.


  • Any person who has shown persistence to achieve their dreams against all odds – defying societal and institutional barriers. This includes people from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who have been discriminated against, including women, members of the LGBTIQ+ community and differently abled individuals.

To submit your nomination, fill out the following form: 100 young Mandelas submission form

If you have difficulty accessing the submission form, follow the instructions below:

Step 1) Take or get a high-quality picture of the person you are nominating and attach it to an email. 

Step 2) Include the individual's name, surname, age, contact details, their location and the category you are nominating them in. 

Step 3) If you are the nominator, include your name, surname and contact numbers.

Step 4) Tell us why you believe this individual should be considered one of South Africa's future Nelson Mandelas in 120 words or less.

Step 5) Include any links to more information about the person, if available.

Step 6) Email to

Please note: Entries close on June 21, at 23:59. More than one nomination, per person, will be accepted and you can nominate yourself.  

The final selection will be made by News24's panel.  

Enter today!