Nothing in writing, yet - FMF's Bonginkosi Khanyile on 'agreement' with justice minister

Fees Must Fall (FMF) activist Bonginkosi Khanyile has declined to share information about his meeting with Justice Minister Michael Masutha at the Union Buildings on Friday.

He instead said that all would be revealed in a joint public announcement on Monday at 10:00.

Khanyile who has camped outside Union Buildings for several nights, and staged a protest for FMF activists to be pardoned, has hesitated to provide details because there was merely a verbal agreement.

"Nothing is in writing. Remember he is a politician, so you cannot trust a politician. They say one thing today and do another tomorrow," he told News24.

The Durban University of Technology graduate was found guilty on charges of public violence, failure to comply with police instruction and possession of a dangerous weapon at the Durban Regional Court in August.

This was after the activist made an admission through his lawyer Danie Combrink that he had disturbed public peace, as well as made use of a slingshot and ignored the police's request for students to disperse.

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Khanyile, who was arrested in 2016, was initially facing 13 charges but was acquitted of nine others will have to return to court on October 16 for sentencing.

Khanyile believes that he is making progress however the attitude towards activists being portrayed as criminals must change.

“The State must close these cases because I don’t see brutal police members who harassed students facing any charges," he said.

Should the Justice Minister renege on their initial agreement, Khanyile insists his sleep out at Union Buildings will continue.

Khanyile also urged members of the public to join in their protest, as FMF students are not criminals but individuals who fought for a good cause, he said. 

"We call upon young people to put pressure on govt to pardon the Fees Must Fall activists, because what they did was for the goodwill of people."

Khanyile is still at Union Buildings until an agreement between all parties is finalised.