PICS: Sunshine Tour to continue despite vandalism to course

The Sunshine Tour will go ahead, despite vandalism to parts of the Wild Coast Sun Golf Course that threatened the tournament's continuation.

Sun International issued a press statement on Sunday saying "a group of individuals with spades damaged sections of the course including a number of the greens".

 "There were no witnesses to the incident, but messages left on some of the course flags indicated that this was the beginning of further planned action."

The hotel group said groundskeepers were currently repairing the damage saying that the Sunshine Tour event will go ahead as scheduled.

Thomas Abt, deputy commissioner of the Sunshine Tour, told Netwerk24 it was a mystery who was responsible or why it was done. There were no eye witnessess, he said.

He said the damage was done at the 12th and 17th hole and thus only the first nine would be used on Monday.

Professional golfer Michael Hollick however posted on Facebook claiming the "local community" were responsible.

"So the local community near the Wild Coast Sun weren’t happy about something so what do they do.... they go onto the golf course and dig up the last 6 greens!! Boggles my mind what goes through the heads of some people..... apparently there were some staff fired for illegal striking this past week and this was their retaliation."

Hollick did not respond to request for further comment.

Sunshine Tour Chief Operations Officer Grant Wilson did not immediately comment.

Police did not immediately comment.

flag, golf course, wild coast sun
A message on one of the flags on the Wild Coast Sun Golf Course. (Supplied)

wild coast sun golf course
A message dug out into the green on the Wild Coast Sun Golf Course. (Supplied)