Police gun recovered following arrest of suspect who allegedly robbed hitchhiker

The Ekurhuleni Metro Equestrian Unit have nabbed an alleged robber who was in possession of a police issue firearm, a spokesperson has said.

EMPD Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said the unit had began their morning patrol around 06:10 when they saw a suspicious red Hyundai i20 "reverse into a dark area" in Rooikat Street in Bromberg.

Kgasago said that when officers approached the vehicle, two men hastily climbed out. He said one appeared to be chasing the other.

"The Hyundai on realising the presence of the metro police sped off leaving behind the two persons who were out of the vehicle," he said.

Kgasago said police determined that one of the men was a robbery victim and the other chasing him was one of three assailants.

"The victim explained that he was on his way to work and was given a lift in the Hyundai whose occupants pointed him with a firearm (sic) and robbed him of his passport, R150 in cash and a power bank."

The second person who was trying to get the victim back into the vehicle happened to be part of the perpetrators, Kgasago said.

"He was found in possession of a police service pistol issue with its serial numbers still intact."

Kgasago said the 35-year-old suspect was arrested and detained at Crystal Park Police Station on a charge of possession of an unlicenced Berretta 9mm pistol.

"The victim opened a case of armed robbery. Investigations are underway to establish as to how the police pistol issue landed in the hands of the suspect. He is expected to appear in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court on Monday."