Police investigating racist rant on Cape Town MyCiti bus

Table View police are investigating a commuter's complaint that he was the target of a racist rant on a MyCiti bus, while travelling to central Cape Town, this week.

This as transport mayoral committee member Brett Herron has warned that all who use MyCiti buses are bound by rules that include not insulting, abusing or threatening fellow commuters.

Odwa Ndesi, 29, says he was travelling to work on Monday morning when the incident happened.

The bus was packed and a commuter near him apparently got aggravated after being pushed. 

Ndesi told News24 at the time that the man had ended up telling him: "You're my issue. Your f***king black skin is my issue. You f***king prick."

Ndesi, a non-practicing attorney who currently works for the city council, said the offensive remarks had left him shocked.

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Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the case had been reported to Cape Town police.

He did not confirm whether police had identified the man yet.

Ndesi said on Monday that he hoped MyCiti would have the full footage of the incident.

But Herron told News24 that the onboard cameras only recorded footage, not sound.

"The City will make any footage available to the relevant investigating authorities on request," he said.

Similar incidents had not been reported to the transport and information centre before.

Herron said they strongly condemned any form of racism and discrimination, regardless of where and how these incidents occurred.

"There is no place in our society for racism, racist acts or racists, and we should all take a strong stand against those who make themselves guilty of such behaviour," he said.

Herron was asked whether there was a precedent for banning commuters who were convicted of these acts.

He said: "The City will take appropriate action, should the alleged offender be found guilty of an offence."