Police launch manhunt after man shoots woman outside a sports bar in Standerton

Police have confirmed to DRUM that they are still conducting a search for a man who shot a woman in Standerton on Wednesday morning.

The incident happened outside the Igloo Spots bar around 07:00.

According to Kasselman Security Services’ Naomie Hare, they were called out to the scene after Jeria Ambulances reported a shooting.

“They requested our assistance as well as the police as it is quite a hectic area,” she said.

“Eyewitness reported to us that the man and woman had an argument outside the bar before the guy pulled out his gun and shot her in the back.”

According to Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, the man and woman knew each other previously.

“Our information has found that this man came to her house to ask if they could speak and she said yes. They walked for a bit before an argument ensued and he shot her. Nobody knows what happened.”

The suspect then fled the scene and a search is still ongoing to find him.

“We are currently searching for him, along with the K9 unit, police and correctional services,” Naomie said about the manhunt to apprehend the suspect.

Naomie adds that at the time of the shooting, the suspect was wearing blue pants with a reflective vest on top and white shoes and a cap.

“As he was running away, eyewitness says he took off his top and threw it on the ground. The last person that saw him informed us that he was not wearing anything on top as he was fleeing the area.”

Hlathi confirmed that a search is on for the man, who is described as dangerous.

Police have appealed for assistance in the search for the man. Anyone with information can call Detective Phillip Moutang on 083 526 7107.

André Kasselman has given an update on the unidentified woman, telling us that she has gone to hospital to receive treatment.