Police spokesperson called to scene of husband's murder

Johannesburg – A police spokesperson described on Monday how she was called to the scene where her husband, also a police officer, was found murdered.

"Never in a million years did I think I would one day be at a crime scene of my husband," Sergeant Ann Poortman told News24. She was sitting in the public gallery in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on the first day of the trial of her husband’s alleged killers.

She cried as she recalled how, on the day of his murder, she was on standby as a spokesperson for the Pretoria central police station. She was called to the scene and asked for detailed information.

"I was worried that he didn't come home and I was searching for him. When I saw the SMS, there was something about it that made me very uneasy," she said.

Captain Kennedy Poortman's body was found next to the Mabopane highway on December 27, 2015.

She rushed there, but the body had already been taken to the mortuary.

"They described my husband for me. I have been to many crime scenes where people die in accidents, and every time it was difficult for me because I was thinking what would happen to the family of the deceased, because these people [are] mothers and fathers."

She broke down after seeing the alleged killers - Alfred Tlou, Thabo James Mampa, Themba Mbowane and Steven Meda - in court. They are charged with kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and murder.

'She wanted to know why they killed daddy'

The matter was postponed to Wednesday after one of their lawyers withdrew.

Poortman said their 15-year-old daughter was taking it badly.

"She wanted to come here and see them. She wanted to know why they killed daddy."

The family was still hurting over his death, she said.

"It's difficult. Somebody was taken away from you so sudden and not only sudden, but in a cruel way. It's not easy to accept or to move on. I still find it difficult, especially with my two kids," she said.

She did not intend to attend court proceedings.

"I don't want to sit here and hear the whole details of what happened that night.”

According to the State, the four approached Poortman, 47, near Church Square in Pretoria. After sharing a few drinks in his car, they allegedly overpowered him. They drove around with him and allegedly stabbed him repeatedly.

He was off-duty and in his private car at the time. His car and firearm were recovered. According to the post-mortem, he died of multiple stab wounds to the chest.