Pretoria man’s 'mystery' death: Autopsy points to suicide, but family suspects foul play

His family believe he was murdered, but police say an autopsy has shown Ronald Moreland may have taken his own life.

The 46-year-old’s wife, Lizé, found him dead in the garden of their Pretoria home on the afternoon of 2 July.

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The recently concluded autopsy showed no signs he had been murdered, said police spokesperson Captain Johannes Maheso.

"We suspect the cause of death is suicide. There are no signs that his wounds were the result of murder," Maheso told YOU on Wednesday. "We’re continuing with the investigation and welcome any new leads."  

But Ronald’s family are adamant there was foul play involved.

"In our hearts we know the truth – and the truth will come out," says Ronald’s daughter Larochelle Nel.

'We’re shocked and upset'

The family is aware that speculation of suicide has been doing the rounds on social media since news of Ronald’s 'mysterious' death emerged.

"We’re shocked and upset, but we’ve decided not to say anything while the police investigation is ongoing. ... [W]e won’t be angered now."

She says the family is still trying to come to terms with Ronald’s death.

"We’re taking it one day at a time. It’s hard but we’re supporting each other."

Lizé discovered her husband’s bloodied body in the garden of their home in a security complex in the east of Pretoria.

"My dad was lying face-down on the grass," Larochelle told YOU at the time. "There was blood everywhere and cable ties around his neck when my mom found him."

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