Probe finds 'clear breach' of security in Krejcir media interview

A Department of Correctional Services probe has found that there was a clear breach of security at Leeuwkop Prison where convicted Czech drug dealer Radovan Krejcir is being held, a department spokesperson has told News24.

"We can say there was clearly a breach of security," spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo said.

This follows the establishment of an investigative team on Friday to look into a telephonic interview between Krejcir and Eyewitness News.

The team was asked to investigate all factors that led to Krejcir giving a media interview without any authoritative permission.

They were given 24 hours to conduct an inquiry and report back to the national commissioner of correctional services.

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While it is understood that a preliminary report has been compiled, Nxumalo was not able to divulge any details.

However, he added that a task team was in the process of being established and it would look deeper into the security breach.

Nxumalo said a senior manager had been brought into the prison to oversee operations while the task team continued its work.

"[The task team] will determine what action will be taken against the inmate. He did break the rules. They will tell us to what extent and what form of corrective measures will be taken."

Nxumalo had said the interaction was a "serious transgression because inmates do not have the right to be interviewed unless permission is granted by the relevant authority".

He added that any unbecoming behaviour by officials and inmates would not be tolerated and pointed out that illegal communication with inmates opened communities, victims and officials to risk.