Public servants testifying at state capture, Sars commissions lauded for bravery

The Public Sector Network (PSN) has commended the brave, current and former public servants who have over the last week testified at the state capture and Nugent commissions of inquiry.

"The testimonies by Themba Maseko, Phumla Williams, Willie Mathebula, Dondo Mogajane and Ismail Momoniat over the last few days represent the actions of highly committed public servants that the PSN endorses," reads a statement from network.

"They follow a number of other brave and responsible public servants who have given testimony at the Nugent Commission over the last few weeks, demonstrating how the SARS business model and governance were deliberately undermined since 2014.

"We recognise that, even in the face of grave danger, with threats to career and personal safety, sometimes even to their families, many individuals in the public service have acted with integrity and taken steps to ensure that good governance remains sacrosanct."

The PSN called on public servants "who have frustrated or thwarted corrupt practices" to emulate these individuals and step forward to share their experiences so that the whole truth comes out.

"The revelations in the recent commissions of inquiry have provided South Africans with an insight of the actions of ethically driven, committed public servants who fought to ensure that our institutions remain resilient and committed to serving all South Africans."

The PSN is a grouping of current and former public servants in the South African public service and SOEs, together with supporting academic and activist organisations committed to building a corruption-free and meritocratic public service.

It was formed in response to the victimisation of civil servants as a result of state capture and political interference, and alarm at the growing levels of corruption which undermine the integrity of the public service across all spheres.