Rescue crews resume search for 2-year-old swept away by Klipvalley river

The City of Johannesburg's Emergency Management Services (EMS) say there is still no sign of a 2-year-old boy who is believed to have drowned and was swept away along Klipvalley river in Kliptown, Soweto on Friday. 

EMS spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said the boy, who is from an informal settlement not far from the river, was playing with his friends next to the river when he suddenly fell in and was swept away by the stream. 

Mulaudzi said search and rescue teams from both the EMS and SAPS immediately embarked on the search when they were alerted on Friday. They continued on Saturday until late hours, but could not find the boy.

He said the search would continue on Sunday.

“Up until now, we haven’t found the boy and we will be continuing today [Sunday] with our search and hope to be successful,” Mulaudzi said.