SA will be surprised with #NoConfidence result - Kodwa

Cape Town - African National Congress national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has claimed South Africa will be surprised by the result of the motion of no confidence, as the party has lobbied opposition MPs to vote with them.

Kodwa was in jovial spirit after the party's caucus meeting on Tuesday ahead of the vote, telling News24 that the opposition's 151 combined MPs were themselves not united.

"Many of them will be voting with us. You'll be surprised when you see the results," he said to journalists.

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Kodwa claimed the party has been lobbying unhappy opposition MPs who do not agree with regime change.

"The question that has to be asked: 'Is the opposition prepared to accept the outcome, if the outcome is not what they want?'

"The ANC will reject this motion and it will fall flat. It will not succeed.

"The ANC bites hard, it bites like a pit-bull. It makes sure that those who are enemies of the ANC don't succeed," he declared.

The party did not understand the excitement around the vote, as the seven before it had also failed.

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Conscience vs confidence

Various MPs and Cabinet ministers exited the Old Assembly chamber on Tuesday, where the caucus was held. One MP, who did not want to be named, said he will be voting with his conscience.

Another, Advocate Bongani Bongo, said he was very confident the motion would be defeated.

ANC MP Derek Hanekom meanwhile told journalists outside the Poorthuis that his vote was his secret, and declined to go on record.

Kodwa and around 30 ANC members, MPs and supporters led chants and dancing in Parliament Street following the caucus meeting.

All eyes now turn to the National Assembly sitting, where the debate will start at 14:00.