Searching for a 'sole mate'

A Hilton woman is on a quirky journey to find the "#SoleMate" of a lonely baby's shoe she found on the road outside her home.

Stephanie de Wit found the single fluffy baby shoe lying on the road outside her house near the Ground Coffee House and her conscience just wouldn't allow her to walk away from it.

"It was slap bang in the middle of the road, facing me like it was asking to be found. I couldn't just drive over and turn a blind eye.

"It was my social responsibility to try my best to help find its partner in such a vast and lonely world," she said.

Last Monday, De Wit took to the Hilton Facebook chat group and posted adorable pictures of the "lonely sole" in the hopes of finding its missing pair. Her post touched the hearts of many Hiltonians and her hopes where raised when someone responded with a picture of a similar shoe.

"I posted on Facebook in the hopes of reuniting the left with the right and we had what we thought was a match but, after a bit of investigation, we found that they were not compatible. Who knew size does actually matter?" said De Wit jokingly.

She said the person who had come forward with the similar shoe was a Hilton mother who had lost one of her daughter's shoes, but unfortunately it was not a match and De Wit's search continued.

"What are the chances two of the same shoes both lost but on opposite ends of Hilton? Unfortunately, it was just too good to be true."

The "hopeless romantic" said she was not about to give up hope.

Just when De Wit thought she had found the missing pair of the baby shoe, the shoe sizes were not a match.

"One way or another, I'm sure our little lost sole will find the way. We all need a little bit of help to find our way home," she said.

To follow the lost sole's journey, follow the hashtag #seekingsolemate on Facebook.