Send lazy ANC MPs to old age homes - ANCYL

Cape Town – ANC MPs should be sent to old age homes if they felt too old to do their legislative duties, the party’s youth league said on Friday.

The absence of ANC MPs in the National Assembly this week amounted to a political mutiny and was an attack on the party’s democratic mandate to serve the people, ANCYL spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the House could not form a quorum because of the truant MPs and, as a result, the Division of Revenue Amendment Bill could not be passed.

 “We call on the ANC to remove the people who sidestep their official political duties for things unknown to the movement. The ANCYL demands that they be sent to old age homes if they feel too old to perform legislative tasks.”

They should be replaced with younger ANC members who had the energy and “revolutionary discipline” to build an effective ANC caucus and legislature.

On Thursday, ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu said the truant MPs would face disciplinary hearings. He said it was an embarrassment to the party and an indication of ill-discipline.

The bill would be before the House again next week and all MPs would be in attendance, Mthembu said.