State capture inquiry: Mentor insists flight details are accurate despite discrepancies

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor remains adamant that she caught an SAA flight to Johannesburg and back to Cape Town on a Monday sometime between September and October in 2010.

This is despite records before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture reflecting that she caught a return flight to Gauteng via SAA on Friday, October 15.

Mentor is being cross-examined at the commission following her testimony in August 2018. She posted on her Facebook account that she had been offered the position of public enterprises minister by the Gupta brothers if she stopped SAA's direct flights to India.

She also claimed former president Jacob Zuma was at the family's Saxonwold mansion when the offer was made to her.

Mentor faced off with commission evidence leader Mahlape Sello who quizzed her on her travel plans around that period.

Previously, Mentor was told there was no evidence of her travel arrangements with SAA but admitted during Monday's session that there were two other flights discovered via the agency Parliament used.

'I stand by that'

"SAA appears to have missed a flight or two as indicated in the parliamentary record," she explained.

Mentor agreed with the argument that there was a disparity between some of the travel arrangements done in Parliament versus directly via the airline.

"I say I have a problem with these records and I maintain that I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on a particular Monday and I returned on that same Monday back to Cape Town and during that visit I was taken to Sahara and to Saxonwold where I met the president. I stand by that," said Mentor.

To highlight the disparities between the records, Sello also mentioned a flight Mentor took to Kimberly on November 4, which was contained in the parliamentary records but is not reflected at SAA.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who is also chairperson of the commission, asked Mentor if she wanted to consider changing her version. 

The former MP insisted she was correct, saying she was "very clear" about the details.