WC residents believe land expropriation will expand food security - ANC

The ANC in the Western Cape says residents of the province believe land expropriation without compensation will lead to the expansion of food security.

The Western Cape ANC's secretary Faiez Jacobs said the Constitutional Review Committee had successfully fulfilled its task of listening to residents to assess whether there should be an amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution.

Jacobs added that the people said land expropriation would also allow new economic players to emerge instead of causing social and economic upheaval. 

Public land hearings in the province, which ended on Saturday, have been taking place from August 1. 

"Our people have unequivocally and overwhelmingly said, Section 25 of the Constitution must be amended in order to fulfill the broad and fair land ownership across the province," Jacobs said in statement. 

Jacobs added that the party’s members and supporters agreed that land reform through the amendment of the Constitution will open the province’s productive forces and increase agricultural productivity. 

He said people were are also saying the amendment of Section 25 would be the catalyst for the broad industrialisation of the country. 

"Our people are saying land is the basis for all economic activity and exclusion of the majority of citizens from land ownership prevents them from full participation in the economy," Jacobs said. 

The party thanked everyone who participated at the public hearings which took place in various places across the province including Oudtshoorn, Beaufort West, Citrusdal and ended in Swellendam on Saturday.