'Why did he get married if he knew he was gay?' - Vinod Hindocha reacts to Shrien Dewani’s new relationship

Anni Hindocha's father Vinod Hindocha says Shrien Dewani is a liar after his relationship with a man, four years after he was cleared by a South African court of murdering his bride during their honeymoon, came to light.

"Why the f**k did he get married if he knew he was gay? He was lying to me all this time," Hindocha told News24, upon discovering the exclusive article by UK publication the Daily Mail about the British businessman’s newest relationship.

According to the Daily Mail, Dewani is romantically involved with photographer Gledison Lopez Martins.

The article revealed that Dewani and British native Gledison Lopez Martins have been romantically involved for approximately 18 months.

The couple recently spent a holiday together on the island of Ibiza in Spain and have been photographed together in India, the article reads.

News24 previously reported that Dewani was accused of masterminding the murder of his wife Anni Hindocha while on honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010.

28-year-old Hindocha's body was found on November 13, 2010 in the back of an abandoned minibus in Khayelitsha with a single gunshot wound. 

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The Hindochas have long accused Dewani of controlling his wife and, after her death, manhandling her body.

Shrien Dewani and Gledison Lopez Martins (@dozilda, Instagram)

Anni's father previously revealed evidence of his daughter's unhappiness in her relationship with Dewani, after hearing that he wanted Anni to "fold her clothes away each night like he did and to keep everything tidy".  

At the start of the trial, Dewani previously told the court in a written statement that he is bisexual and admitted having sex with male prostitutes.

In 2016, a gay male escort who went by the name of The German Master was a key witness in the murder trial, reportedly committed suicide apparently because of stress over the case.

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The German Master, formally known as Leopold Leisser, testified that he and Dewani had met three times in 2009 and 2010, and that Dewani was the first of his clients to sleep over at his house.

Dewani was acquitted in December 2014 due to insufficient evidence, following an intense extradition battle to get him to leave the UK and return to Cape Town.

He was accused of offering three local men -  R15 000 to have Anni murdered.