#WoolworthsWaterChallenge: The fountain of youth and style?

The #WoolworthsWaterChallenge sensation has extended beyond "diction and articulation" - some South Africans now claim that the bottled water is the fountain of youth and style.

Clearly bubbling with creativity, social media users shared their transformation by posting old-versus-new photographs.

The challenge went viral on social media this week when a group of students posted a video of themselves, claiming the water from Woolworths had the power to change their accents.

They began by speaking in isiZulu before taking huge gulps of the water. They then switched to English and started using words such as "metamorphosis", "photosynthesis" and "amalgamate".

Thousands of South Africans have shared the video and have even taken up the challenge, with some people switching from English to vernacular.

Now there's another side to it.

It seems as though social media users have taken the challenge a step further, using photos to show just how much the water can transform them.

While some of the before and after pictures were obviously fake, it was interesting to note just how creative South Africans could be. Or is the water really that potent? 

@MurembwaP jokingly gave an indication of what US singer Usher used to look like.

US hip hop group Migos also took part in the fun. Three random guys, who sported dreadlocks appeared in the first frame, but owing to a Woolworths water transformation, they later appeared in the form that they are known.

@KingApoluo on Twitter posted a 10-year challenge of himself, joking that "the dirt is gone" thanks to the Woolworths water.

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