ANC MPs are too old and sleep in Parliament, says youth league's Moela

Durban – ANC Youth League Deputy President Desmond Moela on Sunday called for the ANC to integrate "young blood" into relevant structures of the ruling party.

"We need energy. You can see they are very old [and] cannot speak properly. We are saying gradually integrate us into structures of the ANC."

Moela was speaking at the Youth League eThekwini Regional conference in Durban. 

He said structures of the ANC assumed the youth league aimed to take over the organisation completely.

"We want to come in over a period of time, not overnight. We do not want old, tired people. We want young blood."

Moela said Parliament was in crisis, along with provincial legislatures.

"There are problems because you have these people always sleeping in Parliament. They are saying the ANCYL must defend Parliament. How do we defend Parliament when we are not even there?"

He called on the ANC to put youth league members in Parliament.

"We want to see young people becoming ministers and deputy ministers. When we respond to economic issues we want to be in a position to do so from the top."

Moela said that the ANCYL was the structure that did the most work for the ruling party.

"[The] majority of the time, it is us who go door-to-door campaigning for the ANC. But when it comes to issues of youth development they say we must wait."

He continued, "We cannot wait. Our time is now. We are the future and the future is now. The future cannot be postponed".

Attacking Mthembu, Madonsela

Moela also attacked ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu, calling him a drunk.

"Jackson Mthembu is always drunk. Whenever he has to speak, he must drink Jack Daniels."

Moela went on to criticise former public protector Thuli Madonsela, saying she needed to leave the ANC alone.

"Can she leave in peace? Why can't she shut up? Can she get a boyfriend please?"

 He also called for anarchy with discipline.

"Anarchy must be the order of the day at some stage. They must see that young people are alive. We must try to organise ourselves and give them anarchy – but anarchy with discipline."