Zuma will be remembered for the Secrecy Bill, Marikana and corruption, says R2K

Johannesburg - The Right2Know (R2K) Campaign sheds no tears for the end of Jacob Zuma's presidency, it said in reaction to his resignation.

Zuma announced his resignation as president at a late-night media briefing at his office in the Union Buildings.

In a statement on its website, R2K said it shed tears of anger for the injustices that were done while his presidency lasted.

"We will remember him for the Secrecy Bill, Marikana and for his corruption," the organisation said.

"This Secrecy Bill would have been used to cover up the secret dealings of government institutions, and criminalise the work of journalists, whistleblowers and activists, who tried to bring information to the public. So great was the threat that it prompted the forming of a people's campaign, the Right2Know Campaign."

As part of his legacy, the organisation said it will also remember Zuma for the Marikana massacre.

"If Zuma had a shred of decency he would have resigned that very day. But instead he hung onto power for as long as possible, appointing a commission of inquiry to play for time, while he protected his allies and himself.

"Jacob Zuma's government committed murder and has never faced the consequences."

R2K said from the start of Zuma's term in office that his presidency has been a sustained attack on openness, transparency and the free flow of information.

"His legacy is a decline in the quality of democracy for ordinary people, and a ramp-up in secrecy, securitisation of the state, persecution of whistleblowers and abuses of power."