MPs returning to National Assembly

Cape Town - Members of Parliament are now going back into the National Assembly chamber, says News24 reporter Jerusha Raath.

Riot police were also seen walking into Parliament, said Raath.

This was after proceedings were suspended when EFF MPs caused chaos in Parliament when they refused to leave the Assembly.

Speaker Baleka Mbete ordered EFF MPs to leave after they started shouting "pay back the money!" in reference to President Jacob Zuma's upgrades at Nkandla.

Minutes ago, other MPs tried breaking into the chamber where proceedings had earlier been suspended because of Ecomomic Freedom Fighters MPs.

Police were holding back the MPs and had also been called to remove the EFF members who were earlier ordered by National Speaker Baleka Mbete to leave.

Economic Freedom Fighters MPs say they will not move from Parliament "until President Jacob Zuma answers on when will he pay back the money on Nkandla upgrades", they tweeted earlier on Thursday.

Media were also ordered out of Parliament.

MPs ignored Mbete and soon started banging their hard hats on the desk.

This is a developing story.