No incidents in by-elections - IEC

Johanesburg - By-elections were continuing without any glitches in 25 wards throughout the country, the IEC said on Wednesday.

"No incidents have been reported so far," said deputy chief electorate officer Sy Mamabolo.

"There has been a steady flow of voters since stations opened in the morning."

Over 200 000 people were registered voters in the 25 wards. By-elections were held Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town, Nelson Mandela Bay and Mangaung.

The Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said Wednesday's by-elections were one of the largest mobilisation of voters outside the general elections.

Out of the 25 vacancies being contested, 12 were as a result of candidates being elected to the national and provincial legislatures after the May general elections.

Mamabolo said the IEC expected the number of voters to increase when people returned from work.

"We expect more voters between 17:00 and 20:00 when people return from work. Stations will remain open until 21:00 after which counting will commence," he said.