Outsurance app offers help - even if you're not a client

Cape Town - An insurance company is hoping that its smartphone application will entice new customers to make use of its services.

Outsurance launch a smartphone application of Friday that is as much focused on advertising its service offerings as its insurance products.

The application is designed to provide free access to Outsurance services like emergency assistance even if users are not clients.

The app also allows a user to suggest a pointsman at Johannesburg, Tshwane and Cape Town city intersections, and for clients, there is an online document request feature which may come in handy if a claim is part of legal proceedings.

"We're excited to launch an app that can make a difference to motorists and people on a daily basis," said Outsurance CEO, Ernst Gouws.

Mobile consumers

He suggested that the app could convince more clients to switch to the company if the app proved useful.

"They can put us to the test - so to speak - without it costing them a cent. One free Help@OUT call out in a time of need, is something we think people will really like about this app."

Apps have attracted the attention of insurers keen on maximising their reach to a new generation of mobile consumers.

Liberty announced in 2012 that it had developed an application for the iPad that would allow users to assess risk and manage their insurance form the mobile device.

"South African consumers are increasingly turning to tablet PCs and smartphones to gather the information they need in a simpler, more interactive way," said Nicholas van der Nest, a divisional director at Liberty at the time.

Insurer Santam is also looking at an app after experimenting with one.

"We did a trial of one for a promotion we did at the end of last year, but we weren't happy with it so we're back to reconfiguring," Donald Kau, head of Santam corporate affairs told News24 recently.

Some insurance companies allow customers to log-in to their accounts online where service such as policy changes and claims can be conducted.

Outsurance has a respected reputation if the mostly positive comments on review site HelloPeter is an indicator and the insurer will no doubt look to capitalise on this with the new application.

The Outsurance app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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