KLM saves SA band grounded in Amsterdam

Cape Town - Afro-funk band Freshly Ground, were at risk of disappointing thousands of fans when their flight was delayed due to bad weather on Thursday at Schiphol Airport.

The group, set to perform at the 2014 Glasgow Festival took to their Facebook page to voice their concern and let their fans know. 

At the same time they made a call for help with the airline they were booked with.

Freshly Ground wrote on their Facebook page: "Stuck at Schipol. Queues for absolute miles. We aren't going to make our gig in Glasgow tonight. KLM any chance of assistance - we really need to get there tonight - have three shows for Commonwealth games and SA season in the UK."

Luckily for them the airline they were booked with was KLM, known for its passenger service and innovation via social media.

The airline responded and even injected the situation with a bit of humour by saying. "We're right here, FreshlyGround! Give us a shout back with your flight numbers and surnames as spelled on your ticket we'll see if we can get you to the UK as fast as possible.

"Whilst we search for convenient flights, we don't suppose there's any chance of an impromptu concert at Schiphol :).. ?"

After all the drama the group eventually made their flight saying, "Thanks to the team at KLM - even though it was a tough day for everyone concerned you were really helpful and we managed to get a flight tomorrow to Glasgow.

"So with a bit of schedule juggling we will be able to do all our shows. Catch us as part of the SA season in the UK presented by the National Film and Video Foundation alongside the fantastic The Soil as well as Old Fruit Market Glasgow on the 30th. Details on www.freshlyground.com and our Songkick."

The band at Schiphol Airport before the drama. They are now headed to Monte Carlo for their next performance  - Follow them on Instagram - freshlygroundsa