WATCH | Hugs, high fives and beaches - what Capetonians say they will miss most during lockdown

Going to church, being outdoors, hugs and high fives are just some of the things Capetonians said they are going to miss most during the nationwide lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. 

While shoppers flocked to their nearest grocers to stock up on essentials in time for the lockdown beginning at 23:59 on Thursday, News24 asked them what they would be doing to keep busy at home over the next 21 days.

Sewing is one thing that housewife Rita Naidu will be occupying herself with. "I love sewing," she told News24.

As a "home executive", however, she said there were always cleaning, cooking and tidying to keep her busy.

Naidu added she was happy she would still be able to visit her grandchildren who were "within walking distance" but was really going to miss her church.

"We're just going to have to pray from home, that's all. Other than that we'll go and see our grandchildren," she said.

Nhonho Xabela, an HR consultant, said she would be using this time to "reconnect" with God by praying and reading her bible.

"I think it's really a season of reflection and so for me it gives me time, and my family, because we're not always in one space. So, it's giving us time to just be still and for me personally to hear what God is saying to us as a people and as a nation," she said.

We also wanted to know what they would miss the most over the next 21 days.

Xabela said she was going to miss her quiet time walking on the beach and getting her favourite cappuccino.

Mervyn Solomons, who is self-employed in the tourist industry, said he was already missing the high fives and hugs.

Nina Senekal, the marketing director of the company she and her husband run from home, said they would be keeping themselves busy with food deliveries. The couple is also active and Senekal added she was going to miss cycling and swimming at the gym.

"You can't really do a 50-metre lap in your own pool, that won't work," she laughed.