WATCH LIVE | Virtual book launch: Adriaan Basson on Blessed by Bosasa

Gavin Watson, the former CEO of corruption-tainted facilities management company Bosasa, led a life far removed from that of a devout Christian and struggle figure, an image that he so carefully crafted. He bullied and insulted his employees, called black employees "k*****s" and allegedly had a manipulative mistress who earned an enormous salary from Bosasa. 

According to an explosive new book by Adriaan Basson, Blessed by Bosasa: Inside Gavin Watson's state capture cult, Watson stood at the head of what many perceived to be a cult, where he lied and manipulated in order to ensure that government tenders worth billions of rand flowed to the company. Watson died in a horror car crash in August, while Bosasa is in liquidation and at the centre of state capture investigations.

News24's Tshidi Madia is live with Basson, from News24's offices in Johannesburg.