WATCH: Pickpockets caught on camera outside East London restaurant

The management of Buccaneers Pub and Grill in East London has upgraded security measures after learning about pickpockets targeting people outside the establishment.

On Tuesday, the restaurant's manager, Harold Goddard, told News24 the incidents that were seen on a video circulating on social media had taken place about a month ago.

"That footage was given to the police to react and as far as I know, they are reacting," Goddard said.

"We've increased all our cameras, upgraded all our cameras facilities and increased our bouncers," he added.

Eastern Cape police spokesperson Colonel Sibongile Soci said the police have noted with "concern" the circulating videos.

"At this stage, no cases have been reported by the victims and therefore no arrests have been made."

Soci urged the victims to come forward "as that will assist the police in investigating such cases and apprehend the perpetrators".

Goddard also encouraged the victims to open cases.

"People need to be aware of those taking advantage and take them to court. Put them in jail. Half the time, people don't take them to court. They don't see it through," he said.