WATCH | UPDATE: Suspects make a run for it after failed house robbery in Winchester Hills

The owner of a home that was almost burgled in Winchester Hills, Johannesburg on Tuesday, said he has opened a case of malicious damage to property at the Booysens police station.

The man, reached out to News24, providing further clarity on the incident.

News24 on Wednesday reported that a group of men in a white Audi gained access to a property before leaving in a hurry. 

CCTV footage of the incident has been circulated on social media.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity - out of fear of victimisation - the homeowner told News24 that the incident happened shortly after he left for work.

"My wife and maid were alone at home," he said.

When his wife noticed an unfamiliar car at the gate she rushed to their CCTV camera feed for a closer look.

When she still couldn’t identify the man fiddling with the locked gate, she went to the front door, he explained.

She shouted at the man - asking that he identify himself. 

Not long after, the unidentified man managed to pry open the gate with a crowbar and four men entered the property.

"She ran inside, locked all the doors, pressed the panic button and then she called me," the 36-year-old businessman said.

"They tried to gain entry but all the doors were locked."

The men quickly fled the scene. Private security arrived at the home shortly after.

"Nothing was stolen. No one was injured. No one was harmed," said the homeowner.

On Wednesday, provincial police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini confirmed the incident to News24.

Dlamini, however, couldn’t provide further details because he said a case hadn’t been opened.

"We sent police officers to the scene but the owner of the house declined to open the gate," he told News24.

The homeowner believes that there may have been a misunderstanding because he said he did speak to the police on Wednesday.

His wife opened a case of malicious damage to property at the Booysens police station on Thursday morning.

The original version this story has been updated to reflect the most recent information regarding the incident.