98-year-old British war veteran is beaten up for 26-inch TV

An elderly man is fighting for his life after thieves broke into his home and beat him to a pulp – for a TV that’s worth £20 (R370).

Peter Gouldstone from Enfield, in the UK, has bleeding on the brain after he was attacked in a home invasion on Tuesday 6 November, Metro News reports.  

The 98-year-old’s son, Simon, found his dad in a “semi-conscious state” in his bedroom. The assailants had apparently gained entry through the back door.

“I smelt a rat because the house was very cold,” Simon says.  

“He couldn’t communicate, he had bruising on his arms and face.

“I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Examine your consciences. The sooner they’re locked up, the better.”

Simon told local media that his father, who’s been retired since 1980, worked on phone lines in Italy during the World War 2.

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley from Scotland Yard says police are investigating the horrific attack, Daily Mail reports.

“This was a callous and despicable attack and we are desperate to catch them,” Ridley says.

“We believe one or two people entered the house and attacked Mr Gouldstone – from his injuries we believe that he was dragged through the house.

“They made off with a black 26-inch Panasonic TV. The level of violence was completely excessive.

“It was only due to a member of the public that our alarm was raised, otherwise things could’ve been different,” Ridley ads.

“We are doing everything in our power to further this investigation, no arrests have been made at this point.”

On Thursday 8 November, the British organisation Crime Stoppers offered a £10,000 (around R185 000) reward for anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the suspects, the Telegraph reports.

Sources: Metro News, Daily Mail, Telegraph