Alleged serial killer charged over LA shooting spree

Los Angeles - An alleged serial killer accused of opening fire randomly on motorists in a Los Angeles suburb has been charged, prosecutors said.

Alexander Hernandez, 34, is accused of murdering a 48-year-old man driving his pick-up truck last Thursday, and with attempted murder for firing on a couple in west Hollywood last Friday.

Charges are also expected in four other shootings which ended when Hernandez was arrested on Sunday. Police believe evidence in his possession links him to all the shootings.

"Nothing makes a homicide investigator's heart beat faster than realising he has a serial killer," said Bill McSweeney of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department after announcing the charges Tuesday.

"This man is and was a serial killer," he added, ahead of Hernandez's arraignment on Wednesday.

Kurt Albanese, deputy chief of the LA Police Department, added: "Seven incidents resulted in four homicides along with three persons who suffered serious to critical injuries."

Investigations into the killings of two dogs on Saturday helped police identify their suspect, they said.