Paedophiles lose appeal against indefinite detention

Sydney - Two convicted paedophiles lost a High Court appeal in Australia against the laws that have made possible their indefinite detention, media reports said.

Edward Pollentine, aged 55, and Errol Radan, aged 75, were each convicted of a series of child sex offences by a Queensland court in 1984.

The men were sentenced under state laws that date back to 1945 and make it possible for a court to order a sex offender to prison for an indefinite period if a psychiatric assessment finds the person incapable of controlling their sexual instincts.

The men launched a High Court challenge last year, arguing that the laws were incompatible with an independent and impartial court system, according to the report.

The court dismissed the case and said it was up to the court to impose such a sentence, and safeguards such as judicial review were in place, ABC reported.

The Queensland government is seeking to toughen legislation on sex offences.

The court ruling comes as child protection authorities investigate the case of a convicted child sex offender in Western Australia who fathered twins by a surrogate in Thailand.

David Farnell's record of sexual assault against three girls under 13 emerged after he became embroiled in a dispute with the surrogate who said he abandoned the infant boy, born with Down's syndrome, and returned to Australia with the twin sister.

The 56-year-old electrician said on national television Sunday he no longer had sexual urges towards children.