Singaporean company under fire over ISIS flags

Singapore - A Singaporean company is under fire for selling flags similar to the ones used by the Islamic State terror group, a media report said on Thursday.

Syed Mohammad Faisal, the owner of Albenyahya Enterprise, told The Straits Times that he had ordered about 20 such flags to sell at a bazaar during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The unsold flags were then offered through the company's Facebook page.

When local websites first drew attention to the flags, the owner complained to the police about accusations his company was linked with terrorism.

The flag bears white Arabic script on a black background, over a large white dot containing some black writing. The design has also been used by Islamic State supporters in northern Syria and Iraq.

The company owner has since taken down its Facebook page, telling The Straits Times that he had not realised it would be such a big deal.

The incident drew a warning from Minister for Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim.

"The question you must ask is, why would you want to support a movement that promotes mass killing, the murder of innocent lives? It is totally irresponsible of them and I do not think we should condone this at all," he told local press on Wednesday.