Toronto police probe bomb threat against mayor

Ottawa - Toronro police said on Monday they are investigating an alleged email threat to bomb city hall if crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford does not immediately resign.

Constable David Hopkinson told AFP officers were at the scene investigating the threat, after being alerted by City Hall security.

Ford meanwhile read a copy of the email to reporters outside his office.

Local media said it was sent to the deputy mayor of Canada's largest city and to Ford's brother Doug, who is also a city councillor.

"Since you guys have been back, it's been chaos," the message reads, warning the Ford brothers to vacate city hall within 24 hours.

"Bombs are already set up," it declares.

Ford, who is seeking re-election in October despite revelations that he smoked crack and went on drunken binges while in office, returned to work in June after a short stint in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

Prior to seeking help, the 45-year-old was filmed numerous times behaving erratically in public.

Despite initial denials, Ford eventually acknowledged he had smoked crack cocaine while in a "drunken stupor".

Ford has received numerous threats in the past, but no details were ever released.