Bail for woman who crushed little girl to death by sitting on her

A Florida woman who sat on her nine-year-old cousin as punishment, killing her, has just been granted bail.

Veronica Posey, who weighs more than 145kg, punished little Dericka Lindsay for being out of control by sitting on her for 10 minutes.

According to, Dericka told her adoptive parents, Grace and James Smith, that she was struggling to breathe while 64-year-old Veronica was sitting on her. This only prompted Veronica to sit for another two minutes, resulting in Dericka going into a cardiac arrest and later dying.

Veronica, who’s reportedly four times heavier than Dericka, was released on $125 000 bail after appearing in court last week. The incident happened last month. She’s facing a murder charge along with charges of aggravated assault of a minor. If convicted of murder, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

According to the police report, Veronica also beat Dericka before sitting on her.

Grace (69) and James (62) are also facing charges of child neglect after witnessing the incident but not coming to their child’s aid, The Washington Post reports.

Grace told investigators she was having problems with Dericka’s behaviour so she called Veronica, her niece, to the family’s home in Pensacola, Florida, to come and discipline her daughter.

Mike Carroll, secretary of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, has described Dericka’s death as “appalling”.

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