Chinese two-year-old miraculously survives falling from 17th storey

A Chinese toddler has miraculously escaped death after tumbling from a window on the 17th storey of a building.

On 11 July the little girl, who’s only been identified as Yueyue, from the city of Changzhou in China, had been left home alone by her grandmother, who decided to leave the child sleeping while she went out to buy groceries.

The two-year-old girl woke up and started looking for her grandmother.

When Yueyue couldn’t find her, she climbed on a desk to look out of a window. But the window hadn’t been closed properly and when the little girl leaned against it to see if she could spot her grandmother, it swung open and she fell out.

Local media reports that the girl’s fall was slowed by tree branches. She landed on a grassed area which had been softened by recent heavy rains.

Eyewitnesses couldn’t believe their eyes when little Yueyue picked herself up and walked back into the building in tears.

The grandmother had an even bigger shock when returning home from the shops to find neighbours comforting her granddaughter.

After the grandmother contacted Yueyue’s parents, the little girl was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for a bruised liver and a cracked rib.

“We expected her injuries to be severe, but her vitals were stable when she came in. She didn’t look like she’d fallen 17 storeys,” a hospital spokesperson said.

Back in 2016, a three-year-old boy from the same city survived falling from a window on the 15th storey. He survived thanks to landing on ground softened by heavy rain.

Source: Magazine Features