Four-year-old boy saves mom’s life by calling emergency services when she blacked out

Micah Adjarkoh, a four-year-old boy from Camberwell in south London knew his mom’s cellphone pin number and recalled her telling him about calling emergency services.

In a tape recording, the little boy can be heard giving the emergency services operator his address and postal code, with the help of his receptionist mom, Chancelvie Ngoy (24), who was coughing the words out in the background.

When asked by the operator what her name was, the little boy innocently replied, “Mummy”.

Later in the 13 minute recording, they asked what she was doing and the little boy said she was “sleeping” – after which the call operator attempted to wake her through the phone.

Micah then opened the front door of their flat in Camberwell, South London, so paramedics could enter and examine the situation.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital where she spent nearly a week after a suspected blood clot.

“Micah saved my life. He’s our hero,” she told The Sun.

“I blacked out and was in and out of consciousness. I was terrified, but he did everything so well.

“He only started to cry when the paramedics put a mask on me and he wasn’t allowed in the ambulance,” she added.

Chancelvie – who this week sent flowers and chocolates to the “star” emergency services operator  – further said, “The only problem is now if I just say I have a tummy ache, Micah asks, ‘Shall I call the ambulance again, Mummy?’”


Source: Magazine Features