Kabul hit by a series of Taliban, ISIS attacks in 2018

A powerful blast that killed 23 people in Kabul at the weekend, including an AFP driver, was the latest in a series of bloody attacks in the Afghan capital this year.

The strikes have been claimed either by the Taliban, which launched an insurgency 17 years ago, or the rival Islamic State group which emerged in the war-weary country in 2014.

Here is a recap of some of the most devastating attacks in the city this year:


January 4: A suicide attacker blows himself up near a crowd of police and protesters, killing at least 13 people – all police. The Islamic State claims responsibility.

January 20: Taliban gunmen storm the Intercontinental Hotel, opening fire on guests and staff and taking dozens hostage.

In the hours-long ordeal, at least 25 people are killed, including foreigners from Germany, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Ukraine.

January 27: An explosives-packed ambulance blows up in a crowded street, killing more than 100 people – mainly civilians – and wounding hundreds more.

The suicide attack, one of the worst in the city in recent years, is claimed by the Taliban.

January 29: At least 11 soldiers are killed in a pre-dawn attack on a military compound claimed by the Islamic State group.


March 21: As Afghans are celebrating the Persian New Year holiday, a suicide bomber on foot blows himself up in the crowd: 33 people are killed, most of them teenagers, and 65 civilians wounded.

The ISIS claims responsibility.


April 22: An Islamic State bomber kills 57 people, including women and children, and wounds more than 100, all civilians, outside a voter registration centre amid preparations for legislative elections in October.

April 30: A twin bomb attack kills 25 people, including AFP chief photographer Shah Marai and eight other journalists, in the most lethal single attack on the media since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

The attack is claimed by Islamic State.


May 9: Apparent coordinated attacks on two police stations kill 10 people and wound another 23.

The Taliban and Islamic State group each claim responsibility for one of the attacks.


- July 22: A powerful explosion strikes near the Kabul international airport as scores of people are leaving after welcoming home Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum from exile.

Among the 23 people killed is AFP driver Mohammad Akhtar, 31, who was on his way to work.

At least 107 others were wounded. ISIS claims responsibility.

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