Kerala floods: ‘My daughter was my world’

This devastated mom lost her daughter when their home collapsed on her during the Kerala floods.

Around 400 people have died in the devastating Kerala floods in India and Jolly’s daughter, Angel, was one of them, BBC reports.

The little girl and her family were asleep in their home when heavy rains started pouring. The house then collapsed on Angel and her grandmother who shared the same room – they both tragically died.

“She was a child who loved to study,” the heartbroken mom told the news agency.

“She would sit and study hard. My daughter liked to dance, pray and go to church.”

 Although the state of Kerala is now cleaning up debris left from the heavy floods, Government officials are now warning their citizens about the high volume of snakes in the area, reports India Today.

"Snakebites are reported from flood-affected areas as the cleaning operations are going on,” says Rajeev Sadanandan, Chief Secretary of the Kerala Health Department.

“The hospitals are directed to keep stock of anti-venom medicines to deal with the emergency situation.

“The Health Department has also issued an alert in the flood-affected areas.”

Kerala’s Union minister Nitin Gadkari told NDTV that the world needs to help the ravaged state recover.

 "I want to appeal to the citizens the tragedy is not for just one state,” Nitin said.

Sources: BBC, India Today, NDTV