Man almost loses out on R14 million lotto ticket after forgetting about it

An American man cashed in his lotto ticket just weeks before it was set to expire.

In May, Charles Dudley from Connecticut, US hastily picked up a Powerball Quick Pick while at a petrol station.

Thinking nothing of it, Charles placed the lotto ticket in his wallet between old receipts, Metro reports.

Earlier this month, Charles decided to clear out his wallet and stumbled upon the winning ticket.

"I checked the winning numbers on the Lottery's website and couldn't believe it,” Charles told NBC News.

“I checked it over and over. The numbers were a match. It didn't feel real, though, until I checked the location of where the ticket was sold.

“It was where I bought my ticket.”

The lotto winner claimed his $1 million (around R14 million) prize last week with only 23 days to spare, The Star reports.

For selling the ticket to Charles, the petrol station store will receive $2 500 (around R36 000) bonus.

Sources: Metro, NBC News, The Star