Man arrested for taking hearse for a joyride – with corpse still inside!

A 40-year-old man from central Mexico has been arrested for stealing a hearse with the corpse of an 80-year-old man still in the back, Metro reports.

Police say the suspect, only identified as Annibal Saul N, admitted to seeing the keys in hearse and deciding to make off with the vehicle.

The Tlaquepaque police department said on its Facebook page that the hearse had been readied to take the body from a hospital in Guadalajara to a funeral home, ABC News reports.

It’s unclear whether the thief knew about the body, according to Independent.

Police were quickly alerted after the hearse disappeared but had no problem spotting it as the suspect travelled with the vehicle along the city highway.

Both the body and the hearse were recovered without any damage.

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