Man fakes his own death to avoid money-hungry wife

It’s said desperate times call for desperate measures. But one man took it one step too far.

In a bid to get his wife to stop asking him for money, a Honduras man decided to fake his death and have the pictures sent to her.

“My wife would call me every week just to ask to send more money,” Danny Gonzalez told Sur television channel after he was caught out.

"Every Saturday she’d call me telling me I had sent her so much and I needed to send her this much more.”

So he faked his own death to escape his wife’s demands.

However, Danny’s plan failed when local media started reporting on his untimely death and word got round to his friends and elderly parents, The Sun reports.

Danny (27), who is originally from Honduras but now lives in the United States, took photos of himself with cotton wool stuffed into his nostrils and mouth with a white sheet covering his body.

According to The Mirror, he then sent the photos to his wife, who lives in Saba, southern Honduras, even adding a picture of a coffin covered in flowers in a funeral parlour.

Local reports write that she was told Danny had died of cancer and asthma.

But his ploy was quickly uncovered when relatives noticed him grinning in the pictures.

Standard Media adds that others also remarked that he appeared to be lying in a double bed and that the white sheet over his body was actually a pillowcase.

Local media eventually found him alive and Danny admitted the distasteful “joke” was to make his wife of two years believe he’d died.

Danny says the only time his wife would communicate with him was when she needed cash.

"The rest of the week, not even a message. She’d never send photos or ask me anything else.”

And it wouldn’t stop with money.          

“She kept asking me to send her mobile phones.

"I’d already sent six and she always rang me to tell me it had been stolen.”

People weren’t impressed by Danny’s hoax and didn’t mince their words expressing their disapproval.

“Better to have been honest with your parents and tell them that you no longer want to help them, than to lie in that way,” one wrote on social media. “You can really die after playing in that way. God have mercy on you.”

Some things just really aren’t meant to be clowned around with.