Man receives letter weeks after his granddad dies – from an unlikely family member

A man received a tear-jerking message from an unexpected family member after his granddad’s passing.

A few weeks after his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Kierann Hamilton from Paisley in Scotland, and his family decided to rehome his grandfather’s dog, Winston.

While the family grieved the loss of their beloved granddad, who recently passed away, they received a tear-jerking note that lifted their spirits.

Keirann took to Twitter on 4 September to share a picture of a card that was sent to his family from Winston and his new family.

"We had to rehome my Granddad’s dog early last year when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's,” Kierann captioned his post.  “Sadly he passed away a couple of weeks ago, this came in the post today."

The note sent by the dog’s new family described how sad Winston was that his “dad” has passed on.

"Hello, I’m on my holidays in Spain. I’m very sorry to hear about my Dad. He was very kind to me. Lots of love, Winston."

Keirann’s post went viral with 24 000 retweets and 167 000 likes from people who’d been touched by the dogs adorable message.

"Oh my that’s both lovely and heartbreaking. So sorry to hear about your granddad who must have been a special man as a dog lover,” said one Twitter user.

Moonpig, a company where you can create personalised online cards was also touched by this post and offered to send Winston a few gifts once he returns from his trip.

“This made us slightly emotional – we’d love to send Winston some treats when he's back from his holiday?” they commented.

Sources: Twitter/HamiltonKierann