Man runs away from crash scene, leaving injured son behind

A driver in East Yorkshire, England, crashed his car into a hedge on the weekend and fled the scene, leaving behind his injured son in the vehicle.

The identities of the man and his son have not been released yet, but according to witnesses a Ford Focus smashed into a parked car before spinning out of control into a hedge, reports Metro.

The man’s son was treated by emergency staff and told officers his dad was driving the car under the influence and left him there, reports HullLive.

A witness at the scene said the car lost control and crashed through a garden wall before ending up smashed into a huge hedge.

 “When I got there the police had just got the car pulled from the hedge and onto the road.

 “The car also took out a fir tree in the front garden, which was jammed into the hedge having been torn out by its roots by the car.”

The vehicle’s front bumper was torn off and it was also heavily damaged on the side. It was removed by a recovery truck, reports Daily Mail.

Sources: Metro, HullLive, Daily Mail