Man stabs newlywed to death thinking he’s a mugger

A 20-year-old in Manchester, England, made his first court appearance on 10 October after stabbing a newlywed as he exited a mosque after Friday prayers in March, Metro reports.

Mohamed Jama ran off after stabbing bakery worker Mohamed Nabeel Hassan (22), whom he mistakenly thought had mugged his brother, Musa (22).

Mohamed Jama was accompanied by Musa and a third accused, Sadik Djama (23), as they went on their revenge mission in search of the mugger, Manchester Evening News reports.

Hassan – described as a humble and energetic guy – was then left to die on the side of the road, the Manchester Crown Court heard yesterday.

The jury unanimously found Jama guilty of murder after the four-week trial, while Musa and Sadik were acquitted of both murder and manslaughter.

The pair admitted to being in possession of a knife and will be sentenced on 12 October.

“They were on a mission. The mission was to take revenge for what happened to Musa the day before,” prosecutor Guy Gozem told the jury.

After the three saw a car they believed to be the mugger’s, Jama attacked him with a knife while the other two held back, the Daily Mail writes.

“He’d been to pray and was going home. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a normal 22-year-old. It could have been anyone,” said Hassan’s friend Mohammed Jaz (23).

“He was a nice, well-spoken lad, into football and very sociable. He got married recently and is from a hard-working family.”

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