Murder victim’s pet leads police to her body

A murdered Russian woman’s body was found thanks to her dog, who led police to her.

Thirty-nine-year-old Maria Frolenkova from St Petersburg was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Arkadiy Antonov, in a fit of jealous rage, Daily Mail reports.

It would seem Arkadiy lost his temper when Maria told him she’d been seeing other men she’d met online. reports the mother of two and Arkadiy, whom she’d also met online, had been travelling back from her country cottage near St Petersburg when the argument happened. Arkadiy, who’d been driving, then pulled off the main road into an isolated, wooded area where he allegedly beat her to death before covering her body with leaves and branches.

Foksa, Maria’s corgi, was in the car during the incident, reports. Fearing the dog would alert passersby to the presence of the body, Arkadiy drove Foksa about 10km from the scene before leaving him by the side of the road. 

Police came across the dog hours later and it led them to its mistress’ body, reports.

Arkadiy was arrested just a few hours later and is being charged with murder.

“The suspect was detained several hours after the victim’s body was discovered. He’s in custody,” a police spokesman says.

Police say Foksa is being cared for by Maria’s family. She leaves behind two children, both of schoolgoing age.

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