Newlywed couple die in car crash on their way to honeymoon

An American couple who’d just gotten married died tragically while driving to their honeymoon destination in Canada.

Amy Moffat (28) and Stephen Graham (30), from Utah in the US, were heading to British Columbia in Canada on Sunday 26 August for their post-wedding getaway when things took a tragic turn, Daily Mail reports.

According to a police report, Amy fell asleep at the wheel around 7pm, causing their vehicle to flip over.

The couple’s good friend Spencer Luczak was driving behind them when the fatal incident occurred, Fox 13 reports.

“When the truck went into its first roll it lifted off the ground and was high enough where both the passenger and I had to look up through the windshield to see the truck above us, and then I slowed down just in time because it landed right in our path,” Spencer said.

“When I got to them, I knew right away they were gone.”

Although the couple had been wearing seatbelts they were pronounced dead on the scene, Daily Herald reports.

Amy’s cousin, Aubree Bosen, says for the first time since the accident the family has found some peace of mind.

“It’s really hard because you want so much for them,” Aubree says, “but I think the fact they were together, and they were happy, and they were going on an adventure . . . it summarises their life together.”

“I think they’re still on an adventure together,” Aubree adds. “It’s just not what they’d planned.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Herald, Fox13