PICS: Bizarre condition allows man to twist his feet nearly 180 degrees and walk completely unopposed

Known as Mr. Elastic, this dexterous man can turn his feet nearly 180 degrees backwards and walk – breaking two world records.

Moses Lanham (57) has a mind-bending ability to completely contort his legs and still be able to walk, thanks to a bizarre condition resulting from a rope-climbing accident 43 years ago.

He possesses double cartilage and extra tissue in his knee joints, hips and ankles.  

During gym class, when he was just 14, Moses fell from more than 5m when he lost his grip on a rope – crashing down to the ground and landing awkwardly.

At first it was believed something was dislocated, but Moses soon discovered he had a new-found ability.

He can now twist his feet completely behind him along with his knees, which means the two halves of Moses’ body appear to be facing opposite directions as he casually strides down the road.

Speaking to The Wizard of Odd TV Moses admits it’s actually "more comfortable" for him to walk this way.

“I think as far as I know I’m the only one in the world that’s able to turn their feet backwards and walk. I’ve heard one other person can turn his feet, but not walk.”

Moses, who’s a former record holder of the world’s most flexible feet title, is also currently the world’s fastest man to walk with his feet backwards over 20m.

“I can do this because of double cartilage in my knees, hips and ankles that allows me to rotate my feet backwards. A lot of people ask me if it hurts or feels uncomfortable – it’s actually more comfortable this way.

“When I perform this in front of people I love the reactions.  A lot of people are just amazed. One time, I’ve actually had a person throw up after I turned my feet around.”