Real-life Garfield placed on a strict diet to lose some weight

Bronson, a three-year-old cat who looks a lot like cartoon cat Garfield, is on a mission to lose weight.

Mike Wilson (35) and Meghan Hannman (29), who live in Michigan in the US, adopted Bronson from the West Michigan Humane Society in May after his owner had passed away.

The cat weighs around 33lbs (15kg), The Mirror reports. That’s more than three times the weight of an average house cat.

Bronson is miserable because of his weight – he struggles to play and walk around. So his new owners are set on getting him healthy again.

The volunteers at West Michigan Humane Society say that his previous owner overfed him and probably gave him high-carb kibble – the reason for his weight woes.

The couple were also told to keep Bronson away from their biscuit tin.

It was love at first sight when Mike and Meghan, a couple who design cat furniture, saw Bronson, Metro reports.

“When we first saw Bronson we were shocked because we had never seen a cat his size,” Mike said. “He was huge, he really needed help.

“We went back to the humane society the following day to discuss the possibility of adopting him.

“Luckily they thought we would be a good match for Bronson because of our experience with cats and also what we do for a living.”

The cat lovers have Bronson on a vet-recommended diet and the tubby ginger tabby is now only allowed 375 calories every day, Daily Mail reports.

Over the next few weeks, Mike and Meghan plan on trying hydrotherapy treatment on Bronson to help him reach is weight-loss goals.

Bronson has already lost 1,5 pounds (700g) since the pair adopted him. He’s overcome his addiction to high-carb kibble and now eats wet, grain-free, low-fat cat food.

Sources: The Mirror, Metro, Daily Mail