Teen walking on railway track killed by train

A teenager listening to loud music on headphones while walking down a railway track failed to hear a speeding train approaching from behind and was crushed as a result.

A group of teenagers from Nukus, Uzbekistan, were walking on the track on 6 December when the train, which was travelling from the south-western Russian city of Saratov to the Uzbekistan capital city of Tashkent, came up behind them, local media reports.

One of the boys reportedly heard the train driver sounding his horn and moved away but another boy apparently didn’t hear the train and kept walking on the track as the train approached from behind.

In a recently released clip, recorded by the train driver, the horn can be heard blaring but the 16-year-old boy, whose name hasn’t been released, seems not to hear it as he’s listening to music on his headphones.

The driver couldn’t stop the train in time and ran over the teenager at high speed. It’s believed he recorded the incident so he’d be able to prove he couldn’t do anything to avoid it.

The driver can be heard praying to Allah after hitting the boy.

Local media report the teen was killed instantly. When his body was recovered music was still playing in his headphones.

An investigation into the incident has been launched.


Source: Magazine Features