Tourists banned from swimming in French beach after warnings of sexually frustrated dolphin

A small village in France is stopping beachgoers from going into the sea.

In recent months a 3m-long sexually frustrated bottlenose has been scaring locals and tourists by attempting to rub up against them in Landévennec, France, Metro reports.

A number of swimmers have prevented from reaching the shore by the frisky dolphin.

Landévennec’s mayor, Roger Lars, has recently banned locals and tourists from going within 50m of the mammal, whose nickname is Zafar.

“I issued the decree to ensure safety . . . Several bathers were really afraid – he even lifted up a female bather with his snout,” Roger told a local newspaper.

A spokesperson from Oceanopolis, an aquarium in Brest, told Independent that people shouldn’t get too close to a marine mammal at “full sexual maturity”.

But lawyer Erwan Le Cornec says the ban is over-the-top and hopes to get it lifted soon,” Mirror reports.

“How many accidents involving a dolphin and a human have occurred in the region of Finist?re since the two species have lived side-by-side? None,” Erwan said.

“With this decree, the mayor is trying to make out that the dolphin is almost like a ferocious beast, something that’s completely unpredictable and able to drown people.”

Sources: Mirror, Metro, Independent